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How to Reserve a Puppy


Visiting puppies in person is highly encouraged as this provides families a great opportunity to get to know our available puppies and adults. It is the best option for being personally involved in making your puppy selection. In-person puppy visits are ideal.

For families who live out of state or at a distance,  alternative options are available. Video of individual puppies can be provided upon request  (Depending on the number of request, we will honor as quickly as possible).  Available puppies photos are updated weekly and viewable on the website. 

We Select For You:   Our experience and expertise is available for families to take advantage of,  if distance is a challenge and you would like help deciding.  Simply tell us what characteristics you are seeking and we will select the perfect  puppy for you based on your preferences. 


A Phone call (864) 415-2465 is the Best way to Inquire. Additionally, serious inquiries can be submitted via email rather than text. Calls with an email, are a great way to get our attention.

The following information can help us get to know each other. Please include all that apply to your situation in your email:

1.) Are you wanting to adopt a puppy from a current or future litter? male/female? color preference? 

2.) Is this puppy a gift? If the puppy is intended for another adult please have them communicate with me directly.

3.) Are you considering a puppy as a breeding pet.  Our puppies are adopted with Limited Registration.  Adoption with Full Registration has an added fee.

4.) Is the puppy intended for service or therapy? If so are you working with a professional trainer or company and will that person or rep be helping you evaluate and select the best puppy for your needs?

5.) What is your experience with golden retrievers and or other dogs, and what is your puppy training experience?

6.) Are there any current pets in the home? 

7.) What is your living situation; house, apartment etc. What other family members live in the home, and what is the activity level?

8.) What is your current work situation and general stability. Is the job new/temporary? Are extended periods away from the new puppy expected? If so are there other family members available to care for the new puppy.

9.) Do you intend to do anything strange with the puppy such as feed a vegan diet?

10.) What are your expectations in owning one of my golden retriever puppies?

11.) Have you reviewed our breeder agreement? 



Plan Your Pickup.  There are four options for pickup. The first and most encouraged option is picking up in person at our home in Spartanburg, SC. 

The second option is purchasing air travel for your puppy. This service is $500. We will make all the arrangements and send the puppy from SDF to your nearest airport for pickup. This option is available for puppies under under 20lbs and younger than 12 weeks old and is available for families with puppies paid in full.

The third option is ground transportation. You will be responsible for making these arrangements. There are many wonderful companies that offer this service. citizen shipper allows families to receive and compare bids from drivers, as well as viewing driver history and reviews prior to hiring. This is a door to door service. 

The fourth option is a service provided to families wanting their puppy personally delivered by us. We can deliver anywhere within the continental united states. The cost of this service is $100 for the first thirty miles and $1.90 for every additional mile. We are located in Spartanburg SC.

Reserving a Puppy  

To reserve a puppy a deposit can be sent through the website here, or given in person via check.