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Colt is amazing. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night. He takes two hour crate napes during the day. He loves his toys especially his squeaky squirrel and is good at self soothing during nap time. Colt is confident and loves to be involved with what's going on. He is respectful of older dogs and plays well with puppies. This boy is highly intelligent and responsive to commands. In public and at home he is excellent on lead. He easily navigates stairs up and down and walks through doorways effortlessly. He is a well-behaved traveler in the car and is comfortable everywhere he goes. Gentle and loving; he enjoys being spoken to and his expression when he tilts his head to listen is one of his most endearing characteristics. Colt loves snuggling and having his ears scratched. Even as a big boy puppy he still goes limp, blinks his eyes and wags his tail when he's cradled like a baby. 

Colt is from Carrie and Sherwood. DOB: 7/27/2021. Both parents are health tested. His imported Grandsire is son of Ukranian champion "Evidog Kasino." On the mother's side there are field trial champions as well as multiple certified service and therapy golden retrievers. Among them is "King Wylie" who has sired many top service and therapy dogs. The importance of Wylie is the consistency of his descendants. It's one thing to have a top dog, it's another to have valuable traits actually show up and be passed on successfully in offspring. Colt is fourth generation to our sweet Gracie who at fifteen years old continues to amaze us with her longevity. We own siblings, parents, grand parents and great grandparents.

Colt is available to loving pet home or approved breeding program. To adopt Colt please review our reservation process.