The Grace of Golden Retrievers

European and American Golden Retrievers

This document is provided in filled out form to each puppy family during or prior to puppy pickup. 

Breeder Agreement

Dam: ______________________ Sire:________________________

Whelping Date:_____________ Sex:___________ Limited/ Full registration

Sale price:_______________ Sale date:_________

Breeder’s name: ____

New owner’s name:___________________________

New owner’s initial:____________

New owner’s address: ___________________________________

New owner’s phone number:________________

As breeders we strive to provide a high quality companion dog. The best practices are employed to ensure the proper mental, physical and social development of each puppy. From the time they are born each puppy is monitored for normal growth and development. The methods of preventative medicine and sanitary conditions are utilized to ensure the thriving health of each puppy. Our golden retriever puppies are properly socialized with humans and other dogs and we provide basic training appropriate to their age.

With the purchase of a puppy comes the promise that the puppy is healthy. It also means that the puppy if identified to have a health issue has been treated effectively and has responded to that treatment. An example would be intestinal parasites which are found in almost all puppies, and are easy to correct. As a preventative measure all puppies are treated for intestinal parasites. Immunity from common and uncommon disease is given to each puppy directly through it's mother and through the administering of vaccinations.

Each puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disease, thyroid disease and heart disease. Adults over one year of age are guaranteed for 48hrs. If at any time during the designated period the purchased puppy is diagnosed with any of the above listed conditions, the breeder will offer a replacement puppy only upon return of the original puppy. If no replacement puppy is available the breeder will provide a full refund of the purchase price only upon return of the original puppy. All puppies come with an AKC registration application, complete vaccination records, and a health certificate (if shipped). ______ (New owner initial). The registration status of the puppy is indicated by a circle. If the word “Limited” is circled it means the puppy is not to be bred. At the breeders discretion the limited status can be lifted and the new owner may receive full registration for an additional $1000 minimum.

All responsibilities pass to the new owner at the time of pickup. The breeder cannot be held responsible for the puppy once it leaves her care. By signing this contract the new owner agrees to fulfill all the needs of the puppy and takes full responsibility of the costs associated with maintaining the health of this puppy for the rest of its life. If at any time for any reason the new owner finds himself/herself unable to care for the purchased puppy the new owner agrees to never surrender the puppy to a shelter but to return the puppy to the breeder. The (New owner) understands that in such a situation no refund will be given. _______ (New owner initial)

Transactions are final. Refunds may be given during the 48hour grace period after the puppy leaves the breeder only if the puppy is deemed unhealthy by a certified veterinarian and if the puppy is returned to the breeder. When a puppy leaves the breeder all responsibilities associated with maintaining the health of the puppy pass to the new owner. This includes but is not limited to providing proper nutrition, medical care, training and exercise. ______(New owner initial)

Breeders name:

Breeder’s initial: __________ Date:______________

New owner’s name:

New owner’s initial: ____________ Date:______________